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Kenneth McEwen Ministries


Welcome and thank you for stopping by my web-site.

After much prayer and consideration, in November 2008

Kenneth McEwen answered God’s call to leave a trio

(The Singing Believers) and begin a solo  ministry. 

God dealt with him more than a year before he finally

surrendered to His calling.  When God has a goal, 

He does not give up and always supplies the


Kenneth’s goal is to see God’s people come to the

loving Heavenly Father by submission and obedience

to Him, to enjoy and serve his Creator and his God. 

He has the sense  urgency of the hour in our society today
and knows the answer

is in none other than the Lovely Name that is above all others, JESUS.  His mission

desire is to present the gospel of salvation in  song, message and ministry of

the One and only, Holy God.

His focus is to share how God longs to comfort those hurting, to encourage those that

are discouraged, and lead those who are chained by sin to freedom in the

Lord Jesus Christ His Son.  

Kenneth is available for  revivals, concerts, benefits, special events, homecomings, 

retirement facilities, senior citizen centers, nursing
and rehabilitation centers, or

wherever God opens the door. Kenneth  would love to come and worship and 

share the Lord’s goodness  in your area.   If  Kenneth  can be any assistance,

please do not hesitate to
contact him at 731-414-3105. 

Please pray for this ministry.

“I will be glad and rejoice in thee; I will sing praise to thy name. O thou most High.” 

(Psalm 9:2) 
Worthy is He, Praise Him!




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